Welcome to my blog! My name is Sara, I'm 23 years old and I'm a communication student.
 I studied different languages and I'd love to know most of the main languages that are spoken in the world. 

Last year I had to move from Italy to France to join my family here, so now I'm living in a city near Paris, I'm italian but my origins are from Morocco... Nice mix no?!

I love travelling cause it's like reading a book that can't be published, it's such a unique experience that builds up your personality and makes you grow knowing that your home is the entire world and not just a little counstruction made of bricks. You learn to respect yourself and others more. Every time I come back from a trip, that can be long or short, I feel different in such a good way. 

My travel experiences made me addicted to photography: you'd probably see me all the time with my phone or my camera trying to catch the perfect shot to post on social media or  just to keep it in my album to fix that memory there forever. 

I'm obsessed with organization: I'm the kind of person that each day has to write down her to do list and check it at night. Writing has always been a passion too, but I never really had the chance to share it with the world. 

The goal I want to achieve trought this blog is making people more curious and less afraid of discovering the world, because borders are just immaginary lines and I really wanna prove to myself that even big dreams that seam impossibles at first can, one day, become true.

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