Thursday, July 8, 2021

5 poetry books that will warm up your heart during the chill summer nights

Summer is normally the season where we re-start reading. Books can be very nice companions during our trips: while flying to our next destination, on the train, bus, or even just sat at the beach or the park. 

But, what about a super aesthetic sit down chill night, with a cold drink on the side and an amazing poetry book? That could be the perfect set up for a movie, and as we are travelling a lot with our brains, more than with our bodies, why not taking a sweet and relaxing travel throughout words?!

Here are five of my absolute favorite contemporary poetry authors.

Rupi Kaur

What to say about this beautiful woman? I think she's one of the most famous contemporary poets. Born in India, and moved to Canada with her family, she treats topics like immigration, family and love in a different yet very explicative way. The words she uses and the illustrations you can find here and there under her poems, are stunning. She published three books (till this day): Milk and Honey, probably my favorite one, Sun and her flowers, a much longer one that goes deeper into self development, and Home body, the most recent one, published during the pandemic. Her way of sharing her work through social media is also something that makes her, in my opinion, get closer to her readers. 

I suggest the three books, but if you had to pick just one and you haven't read anything of hers, start with Milk and Honey, won't regret it. 

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We continue our trip through words with another Canadian poet: Atticus. You surely came across one of his poems on Instagram, as it's the platform that made him gain his popularity and later on made him publish his poetry books. The poet is a real mystery for his followers, as he prefers to keep his identity a secret. Staying almost anonymous, benefits his poetry with a more free and vulnerable writing. 

To this day he published three poems books: Love Her Wild, The Dark Between Stars and The Truth About Magic. The three of them are centred on the little beautiful things about life: a new love, pleasure, freedom, fun...

The poems are short and easy to read and understand. Altho I really loved the first book Love Her Wild, my favorite of his is definitely The Dark Between Stars, pair that with a lovely melody by Beethoven under the stars and feel the magic.

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Courtney Peppernell

Our next author makes us travel expresses her love words from Sidney, where she was born and lives. 

Her famous book Pillow Thoughts is a beautiful ode to life. Her words feel like a soft silky pillow; fresh, soft and smells like lavender. 

This one you'd probably prefer pairing it with something more modern than Beethoven, maybe a playlist by Thomas Ad├Ęs would be more appropriated. 

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Lang Leav

The next author isn't that far from Sidney, Leav is in fact from New Zealand and her lullabies won the Goodreads Choice Awards for Best Poetry. 

Lang Leav was born in a refugee camp in Thailand, by reading her poetry we feel immediately that writing for her is a necessity of expressing herself. Her poems are almost confessions she wants to share with whoever reads her. She talks about nature, love but also death and betrayal. If we'd have to compare her to the other contemporary poets, we'd feel that her writing is much more classical than the others, not only due to her a bit older age, but also cause of her classical inspirations. 

Leav published a lot of books, but the one I'd like to share with you is Sea of Strangers a beautiful mix of poetry and prose that made me feel each and every word I read as if I was the one writing it. 

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Pierre Alex Jeanty

Let's get to the other side of the map and travel to from New Zealand back to the USA, where another self-made author originally from Haiti, devotes his life to making an impact through his writing. 

His book Her is the song of the "Gentlemenhood", he wants to be the voice of hope for women while underlining the need of fighting the toxic masculinity as a goal for men. 

His words are sweet and elegant, reading one of his books will make you wanna live the most romantic and beautiful movie, and if you're lucky enough to have a partner why not sharing the reading with them?!

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BONUS: Swimming Lessons by Lili Reinhart

If your goal is just to enjoy a super easy reading on the beach, check Lili Reinhart's book Swimming Lessons. A fast reading poetry book that will take you less than half an hour to read and that will gift you with beautiful words. 

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