Tuesday, June 2, 2020


I see so many confused people, so many strange posts about the situation going on in the USA right now.
We are living a historical moment, a very hard one... Haven’t finished fighting against COVID 19 or global warming and we are already facing another one. I know it might look too much for some, some might feel like it’s not their fight, that some of us are “exaggerating”...

I am not here to judge anyone of you, but I have a duty throughout this world and I want to accomplish it. Even tho you feel that sharing a post will not change much, it does. Even tho you feel like your voice will not be heard by many people, it will. Even tho you feel no power, trust me YOU HAVE IT.

Our generation is tired of seeing the injustice of any kind, in any part of this world.
 Sure we won’t have a perfect world, but can we be an active part of society at least? 

Be aware of what you say, be conscious of what you share, the person you criticize for talking out loud is, in his own way, making a small difference.... ask yourself if you are instead.

It’s not a matter of black against white, of Americans, European, Asian or African, it’s a matter of justice against injustice and you choose for what you wanna stand for... A win, in this case, will mean, not only a historical moment for humanity but a little win for everyone that posted, shared, and talked about this situation.

Do not EVER feel ashamed cause you stand for something you believe for, don’t let people manipulate you or tell you that it’s not your fight... It is.
It’s the fight of the entire world, of the entire human race... I know that we’re not in the US and we can’t go out and stand with people in the street but you can do a LOT just from wherever you are in the world. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what you can change in your thoughts, your culture, your family… Denounce, speak, discuss, explain! 

Enough of injustice, enough of racism, enough of abuse of power... WE have the possibility to make a huge difference in history, our kids will study this one day in their school books and I hope that the title of the chapter will be “the end of racism”.

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