Friday, October 25, 2019

Back to it!

Yes, you read well. It feels weird now that I think about it, but the desire of doing it is way bigger.

This is the introduction of a new book.

 Yes, those pages that you never read in a book and if you- by accident- do it  you say to yourself "Ow shit! Wish I skipped it". 

Well, I only now understand writers. Those pages are actually essential. Not for readers but for the writers themselves.

This is a new start of this website that actually opened up to me a lot of opportunities, more than I thought it would have done.

I missed writing and have feedbacks. Writing not only for myself but for others as well. 
I know that in a world of Youtube and Instagram stories people are actually "lazy" to read, but as I don't feel like talking to a camera and I just don't feel myself in doing it I can't let this little detail stop me from loving what I love to do.

Yes, I might have hundreds of views less than if I'd do a video- or not- but is it really a big deal?!

In this numbers society we are all obsessed with more: we want more likes, more comments, more messages, more friends, more clothes... more, more and more. I got bored of it.

We forget that we live for OURselves, that it's OUR life; yes OUR. We get blinded by that sparkling world and we forget what really makes us happy. 

So, today, I decided that I'll start re posting. Probably it will be different from what I used to write about. I will not put any limits to my freedom of speech, I'll just write when I feel to what I feel to and hope to be useful throughout it.

So, this introduction is becoming more like a poem. Better if I stop it here or you'll really say
" Ow shit! Wish I skipped it" lol. 


  1. I wish you success with this new venture ❤️

  2. Just go for it, we are behind you!
    Well, personally I am tho! ��❤️����