Thursday, April 12, 2018

Ultimate guide to perfect Instagram stories

Since Instagram added the function of the Instagram stories I tried to improve my way of showing things through it and tried to find different ways to be creative and make them pleasant to those who will watch them. 
Can't deny that it takes me lots of time, but to be sincere, I really enjoy the time I spend creating them. Every day, more than one person compliments my stories and
my way of doing them so today, I wanna share with you, all my secrets on how to get perfect Instagram stories.
First of all, try to publish only photos or videos with high/medium quality. You don't need a camera, find the right lighting and try to edit your Instagram shots just like if you'll post them in your feed. Editing is the key element of a good quality photo if you need some tips on how to edit your photos you can check my other blog post here.

Another trick for having great Instagram stories is to connect them with each other. The goal of the insta stories is, in fact, to share what you've been doing, liking or even disliking. The fact of having the opportunity of sharing it just for 24 hours should not be seen as a limit, in fact the statistics say that in the last months Instagram users tend to look more at stories than to posts, not only because they are more entertaining but also because after the updates of the app the algorithm has changed and you're not able to see the posts in your home in a chronological order.

Last but not least, try to use every feature Instagram gives in their story section: from the different fonts and colors for the texts, to the gifs and the pools, experiment all your creativity with what you have first and then, when you'll feel limited by that, the time has come to use different apps to create your them. 
I say that cause I think that it's not an app that will make your stories beautiful, it could help for sure, but it cannot pop up your posts magically. So, think of a concept you wanna develop first and then pick the apps you think are the best for your concept.
After this long, but needed introduction, here are 10 apps that will help you make your stories just perfect!

If you like fancy fonts on top of your photos this app is for you! It has different texts that you can add to your picture, the only inconvenient is that unfortunately, you can only choose just the texts that are in the app, you can't type your own phrase.

This app changed my life, not only it has amazing texts and features like adding images or stickers to your template, but you have a lot of different Instagram story designed templates already made that you can modify and use! Personally, I rarely use the templates that they give in their app, I tend to use Canva not from the app but on my laptop cause it's easier and it's more functional for what I do. The Canva app tho is completely free and on your laptop, you can use it directly from the site.

Pic Collage
If you love creating beautiful collages this app will be just perfect! It has a lot of collages designs and it allows you to add texts with a lot of different fonts, stickers and photos too. I used this app to do the highlight covers of my Instagram profile. Most of the time I tend to take wallpapers from Pinterest and write the texts on Pic Collage just cause most of the templates in the app are not free.

Insta Shot
If you like posting videos on your Instagram this app will save your life. It allows you to make the right size for your insta stories, add music, edit it, cut parts of your videos and add other ones. With this app, you have the chance to be creative with your videos in the easiest way and just with your phone!

Video Splitter
If you've struggled with a long video cut in your stories this app will help you. It splits the video into different ones of 15 secs and saves it directly to your gallery, and then you can post one video after the other without worrying about the cuts in the video.

This app is also called "the blogger app" cause it's mostly used by bloggers. I recently discovered it and since then I'm using it non stop and I'm having lots of question about the stories I post. It allows you to create a template in the size of the Instagram Stories and add photos or videos creating a sort of collage of photos. You can also add texts if you choose the template that allows you to write on. You can't change the colour of the text neither add more texts than those already put in the template.

Pics Art
If you love designed photos this app is for you. You can create boards and collages or simply add digital stickers to your photos. It's a sort of photoshop but way easier and directly on your phone. I mostly use this app to add details to my photos: like flowers, hearts or write something on it.

Hype Type
This is probably the app I get more questions about. I normally use it to do my "New Post" story and I always add a song that creates a sort of a connection with the photo I'm posting in my profile. Doing the "New Post" story, in my opinion, is super useful if you want more visibility on your post. As I said before, the new instagram algorithm is creating a strange rank of the photos each one is allowed to see first, so by telling to your followers that you are posting a new photo in your stories you'll be a bit more sure that they'll see it. Unfortunately, this app is only in the App store and all the different ones you'll find in the android play stores are just fake ones.

Legend is a nice alternative of the Hype Type app. It is available on Andoid and Apple devices and it allows you to create texts videos. The shape of the post tho is squared, but not instagram allows you to put even squared posts so it will not be a big deal.

I have this app in my iPhone but I've never used it even if it's a really cool one. This app allows you to put a song in a normal photo and save it as a video. The only incovenient is that you need to pay for the free app to delete the label.

So, those are all the apps that will help you make your stories super creative and aesthetically pleasing. I'll end this blog post by saying that having internet is a gift in our society, we could find and create so many things, we just need to do it, so be curious and find more creative ways of doing the same thing.


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