Sunday, January 28, 2018

Top 5 places to visit in Turin

When we think about Italy normally the cities that come to mind are Milan, Rome, Venice or Florence, but today I'm gonna try to put Turin in your top three Italian cities destination.

Turin was the first Italian capital and the residence of the Savoia royal family.This city is situated in the north of Italy and it's mostly known for her stunning architecture, breathtaking landscapes and super good coffee shops.
Turin is the home of the Shroud of Turin, the football teams Juventus F.C. and Torino F.C., the heart of the cars manufacturers Fiat, Lancia and Alfa Romeo and it became more of a touristic destination since 2006 when it was the city of the Winter Olympic games.
There are so many things you could do in Turin,
so I tried to find the 5 essential things to see if you'll ever decide to go there for few days (you should definitely do it) and you want to see the best places.

- Piazza Castello

This square is the heart of the city and one of the most famous in Italy. Here converge the major streets of the city: via Garibaldi, via Po, via Pietro Micca and via Roma.
Not only it's the best place from where starting our Turin tour, but it's also super beautiful. The architectural buildings that stand in this square are actually stunning!
In fact, here we can see Palazzo Madama, the house of the Museum of Ancient Art and a Unesco world heritage site, the Royal Palace, one of the ancient residence of the Savoia family, and many elegant arcades from different ages.

- Mole Antonelliana

Born as a synagogue, this monument was bought by the municipality of the city to symbolize the union of the nation and it fastly became the landmark of Turin and of Italy in general. With a hight of 167.5 meters, it was the highest monument of Europe at that time.
Today, it's the home of the national museum of cinema and you can still go up to the panoramic terrace and have a top view of the city. To enter and go up tho, you should pay the entrance to the museum and I have a better and free alternative for an amazing top view of Turin; and this brings us to the third place you should definitely visit.

- Monte dei Cappuccini

I lived in Turin for more than 20 years and I discovered this place only a few years ago, since then every time I go back to my home city I feel like I HAVE to go on top of this hill.
To reach this place from the Mole Antonelliana you just have to go back to Via Po and go straight, cross Vittorio square and the Po river and climb the little hill till you'll reach the top of it.
The view from this place is breathtaking.
Last time I went there it was too foggy, but normally from there, you can not only see the monuments of the historic town centre but even far sites of the city as the Allianz stadium and most importantly the Alps mountains.

- Parco del Valentino

This park is the biggest and oldest public park in the city.
It is the home of the Valentino Castle, another world heritage site of the UNESCO and the Medieval Village, that I, unfortunately, found closed to visitors, and that will be re-opened the 22 March 2018.
This park has become an iconic site alongside the Mole Antonelliana.
The wonderful natural environment, cute sculptures and squirrels makes it one of the most romantic places in the city of Turin.

- Venaria Reale

This one is probably my favourite, not only because of its architectural beauty and its amazing park but also for the different exhibitions that you can find here.
The palace was another home of the Savoia royal family and it was included in the UNESCO heritage list in 1997. The entrance of the palace leads into the Cour d'honneur, which once housed a fountain with a deer. The interiors are full of art everywhere: from the walls to the chandeliers. The most beautiful hall is probably the Great Gallery, the symmetrical beauty of this hall and its decorated walls makes it the main attractions for all the photographers that love architecture. 
All the main art exhibitions are normally situated in the Armeria Reale, inside the Venaria Palace complex. 
This architectural piece of art is situated a bit far from the city centre but you can easily reach it with many busses from Piazza Castello, it will probably take you off half a day in your trip but trust me it's definitely worth it!

Our top 5 ends here, even if in Turin there are definitely more than just this 5 places to see.

If you want to know other amazing sites that you can visit while you'll be there you can go to my Instagram account and watch the highlights of my last trip there or just leave me a comment down below and I'll be super happy to give you more information about this WONDERFUL town. 
Hoping that this article will make you buck a flight to the Paris of Italy, wish you all the best.


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