Sunday, December 10, 2017

How I edit my photos

As I said in my last blog post, I'm dedicating a category only to photography. My first post was about "How to get a good theme on Instagram" and if you still haven't checked it, you can find it here.
So today's article, as I promised, will be about editing.
I think that editing is an important part of having a good theme and a good photo. There are so many

editing apps and so many editing filters and sometimes it's hard to choose between them.
My absolute favourite app is Vsco cam. I think that this app is the easiest one to start from and I can't deny that, as I get so much fun editing, I find in it my little paradise corner.
This app is free but to unlock some of the filters you'll have to pay; in my opinion, the basic filters are enough for a beginner.
First of all, if you're editing a photo that will be part of a theme pay attention to the colours: if you want a good theme you have to stick to a colour palette. But what's a colour palette? The concept of this palette is very easy, you just have to think about what are the colours that when you see them your eye get more attracted to them, are they: white, grey and black? or yellow, orange and red? Well, all your photos have to contain those colours so that your grid will be pleasant and fluid. I advise you to choose just three or four colours so that it will be easier to play with them but, as I already said, feel free to express your art!

       photos by Arianna (@alabastaerfox) 

The blogger tip!
Instagram bloggers use normally a plain background in almost all their photos so that the objects that are in the photo can be the main "attraction" of their shot and it's easier to stick to the colour palette. 

     photos by Haley Lim (@mylittlebooktique)  

Now that the concept of the colour palette is clear let's talk about the real stuff: the editing.
As I said there are so many filters and functions that you can use that sometimes you're so confused, so here are my favourite filters and my ways of adjusting the photo settings.
My go-to filters in Vsco cam are C1, A6 and HB1/2.
I use C1 in my photos where I wanna exalt the colours and play with shadows, so I use it for most of my summer and spring photos.

A6 is more of a brownish filter, I mostly use it in night shots where I wanna focus the attention on the nightlights by keeping the clear contrast of lights and darkness.

HB1 and 2, are my most used filters. I love using these kinds of filters during autumn and winter season. These filters brighten up the photo and make the shot cosy and bright at the same time.

These are just four of the filters that you can play with on Vsco.
Now it's your turn if you still don't have the app download it here, and start having fun with colours!


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