Sunday, December 24, 2017

10 Things to do before 2018

Life is such an adventure: each day, each month, each year we live new experiences that in good or bad ways change us and affect our personalities.
One week and another year will end to let the place for another one. I feel like this 2017 flew by so fast; I still remember the first week of it like if it was yesterday and now, here we are, living our last seven days of it. Before starting a new white page I wanted to share with you all, 10 things that I'm trying to do before the start of the new year, hoping that they'll help you too to start this 2018 in the best way. If you're reading this and 2018 has already started, don't worry, if you're searching for tips that will help you get back your life together these ones will definitely help you. 

1. Start now! 

Don't wait until the first of January to set your goals, start now! Wanna travel more? Get fit? Read more? Get a new job or graduate? Start working on it NOW. I know it seems like those "easy to say and hard to do" quotes, well it's not! Don't keep procrastinating, thinking that a new year will give you more motivation -yeah probably it will- but just ask yourself why waiting?! 
In our society, we tend to procrastinate things thinking that Monday, next month and next year will be the perfect time to start, but is that real? Probably not, when we wait before starting doing things we tend to give up very fast. I'm not saying that if your goal is getting fit you need to start a diet now or start going to the gym every day, I'm just saying that you should start searching for things that will help you achieve it, organize your time, maybe walk more or start to say no to some unhealthy snacks. Do the first step that will help you achieve your goal in 2018 in an easier way.

2. Clean your space.

I think that this point is one of the most important ones. Starting the new year with a clean house, a tidy wardrobe, an organized space will make you feel refreshed. Donate the clothes and things you don't use anymore to someone or to a charity shop, most of the time we have things that we don't use but those same objects could be essential for someone out there.You can dedicate an entire day before the 31 or just do small tasks every day.
I know that it takes time and it could be boring, so just put some music on, make it fun and remember that you'll thank yourself after.

3. Learn something.

Am I the only one that loves the feeling of knowing new things? Hope not.
This year I feel like I learned so many things: I read a lot, even tho I've never been a book lover, I discovered the design world, started a Chinese course... But I still want to start this 2018 knowing as many things as possible, that's why I wanna challenge myself and I hope you'll join me in it. 
Next week, every day from the 25 till the 31 I'll try to learn new things: it could be anything, from a cooking recipe to a scientific theory. The point is filling your brain with new information that will make you proud of yourself.

4. Have some time for yourself.

Now just tell me, in 365 days how many of them you spent taking care of yourself? Probably not enough. Well, do it now! Go out for a walk, sit and listen to music and just leave your phone away, have a bath, relax... We tend to forget that to feel good with others we need to feel good about ourselves first. We keep searching for a person that will cheer us up, that will make us happy but the truth is that we have to find happiness inside ourselves first. That doesn't mean that we don't need others, absolutely not, others are essential for our life, I'm just saying that sometimes we need to put ourselves first so that we can live better with others.

5. Be nice to people.

This is the perfect time of the year to be the best version of ourselves. If you're a Christian or not it doesn't matter, the Christmas atmosphere is surely touching you too. These last few years I'm trying to be nice to anyone that crosses my life and I saw such a difference in my life: I'm more positive, I'm happier... What's the secret?! Just being kind for no reason.
Finding positivity in a world full of hate and disagreements is such a hard thing, but just do your best and create your own world.
The best way to explain this is by using my favourite quote " The world is full of nice people, if you can't find one, be one". 
Smile to a stranger when you cross him, give your sit to a random person on the bus, give things you don't need, help your mom, your dad... Just spread positivity and you'll be surprised at how much you'll actually have back from people.

6. Collect your 2017 memories.

Bad or good memories deserve to be remembered: they made you the person you are today, the person that will do her best to live a new year full of accomplishments and positivity.
Try to find your own way of collecting them: you could take just a piece of paper and write them down and re-read them from time to time, make a photo album or just print them and create an inspiration board. Fix every important moment so that you'll never forget about your past and you build a better future.

7. Express more your love.

This point is similar to the fifth one, it's just a bit deeper. Love is such a great thing: sometimes we love and be happy, sometimes this same feeling could hurt us, how strange is that?! And when that happens we tend to put our love on a shelf and forget about it. Probably every one of us has been hurt at least once, so now take that love and give it to who really deserve it.
Pick your phone, call that friend that you really love but never find time to call, send an " I love you" message for no reason to someone you really appreciate in your life, hug your mom, your dad, your grandma... Loving is such a great thing, an essential one, don't take it off your life.

8. Meditate.

This point is an essential one in life. How many times you had the chance to sit without doing anything, even without thinking? If your answer is "never" then welcome to the club! I've been trying many times to just sit in silence and stop thinking but I realized that it's actually so hard; I was near to give up thinking that probably I should go to a meditation class or a yoga one and one day I just sat, close my eyes and started concentrating on my body: feeling every breath, feeling my eyes closed, feeling my heart beating and I realized that I actually managed to do it and find out that it was just like everyone said: AMAZING.
Take one moment in these few days and just feel your body, you'll feel so refreshed right after.

9. Plan your 2017 trips.

If you're like me and you love travelling this is the perfect time to do it.
It doesn't matter if you'll probably travel in months and months, just write it down on your agenda, search for interesting things to do there and start saving money. Planning your trip way before you'll actually do it is way better than end up with a not that satisfying one.

10. Be grateful.

Last but not least just be grateful. This point is actually the key for a good 2018.
Lots of things have been going on in your life and it probably had ups and downs. In these few days try to focus just on the positive ones.
If you're sad cause you didn't achieve one of your goals in 2017, just don't be, it's probably better like this, who knows what would have happened if you did.
Be grateful because you're still here, you have the chance to live a new year, to achieve more goals! Trow all the negativity and let the place to happiness instead, you deserve it, so do it for yourself.

I hope that these tips will help you start this new year in the best way possible.
Wish you all the best.

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