Sunday, November 26, 2017

How to get a good theme on Instagram

As my feedback on the blog comes almost all from my Instagram account and people keep asking me what apps do I use and how I organize my feed, I decided to dedicate a category to photos and editing.
Instagram has become definitely my favourite app, having fun taking photos and editing just to post them and share them with people is such a great thing in my opinion.

Personally, I find that Instagram and photography in general, are a form of art if they are used in the right way. Throughout this social platform, you have the chance to get creative and give to the world an extension of yourself and your passions. So to cure the aesthetic of your personal account on
Instagram you have to start paying more attention to your feed and here are 5 tips that will help you get an amazing Instagram theme.

So, first of all, you need some inspiration that sounds easy but it can be very hard. My favourite app to get inspiration from is Pinterest: this app is the door to creativity, it makes you feel wanting to take photos more, to experiment with objects and lights, it makes everything easier.
If you don't have Pinterest and you don't want to add a new app to your phone ( but in my opinion, you should definitely do it, it will change your perception of aesthetic) you can easily use the Instagram save button ( bottom-right of each post). Thanks to this, you can easily keep your favourite photos and make a category in which you save all the photos you want to recreate or just get inspiration from.


- Mia Stammer

- Edward Zo

- Michael Gray

- Elain Li

Now that you got your dose of inspiration and you know the kind of photos you wanna take, comes the funny part: go out or take the object you wanna take a pic of, grab your phone or your camera and HAVE FUN! Don't be afraid of taking too many pictures, just keep moving from an angle to another and click that button; it's good to have many photos to choose from. 
After picking your favourite photo it's time for editing. There are so many editing apps, so many ways to edit and sometimes this step can help you transform completely the colours of your photo and adjust it to your feed. As there are too many ways of editing photos I'll dedicate an entire article just to this soon where I'll talk about the most used apps, like Vsco cam, Lightroom and Photoshop, and guide you through the process of editing photos for the different themes.

Another important thing to get a good feed is organization. Am I the only one that sometimes uploaded a photo and after checking it got it deleted?! Fortunately, now it's easier to see how a photo will go up on your profile before uploading it. Many people used to do a separate private account in which they just posted photos to see if they'll go with their feed, now there are many apps, like Preview, Planoly and Un Um, that allow you, not just to upload and see if the aesthetic of the photos goes well together, but you can even modify them, add filters and move them from a place to another just by grabbing the photo and shift in another position. 
Well, now that you have your amazing theme try to be recognizable, choose a section of things you wanna take photos about and be consistent with them; make your followers feel that that photo is yours without even seeing your Instagram nickname, that will not only help you with the aesthetic of your insta theme but will surely get you more active followers.

Last but not least remember that Instagram is an app that should help you develop your creativity and you should have fun with it, don't stress out and don't be afraid of expressing your sense of art, cause art is about who you are, so feel free to show to the world the person you are.

I'll be happy to check your Instagramm theme! So, if you have one, leave a comment down below with the name of your account and if you don't follow me you can do it here.


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